Seasonal Wellbeing Retreats for Healthcare Professionals

January, May & November 2024
Rivermill House, Loch Ness

The Principle

Lifestyle Medicine is an emerging medical speciality that aims to prevent, treat, and reverse long-term conditions by supporting behaviour change around the “six pillars”.

Our seasonal wellbeing retreats for Healthcare Professionals provide five days of immersive education exploring how “lifestyle medicine” offers a sustainable solution to healthcare through small-group discussions, wellbeing experiences and real-life stories of personal transformation.

The Programme

Monday 15th January
10-10:30am Introduction and welcome
10:30am-1pm Focus on physical activity
4-6pm Guided thermotherapy experience
7-9pm “From burning out to lighting up”, Fergus Weir

Tuesday 16th January
10am-1pm Focus on harmful substances
2-4pm Plant-based cooking class
7-9pm “The power of the pen”, James Hickson

Wednesday 17th January
10am-1pm Focus on relationships
2-4pm Rewilding walk
6-7pm Campfire cooking
7-9pm “Mindfulness and Mythology”, Caoimhe Keohane

Thursday 18th January
10am-1pm Focus on stress management
2-4pm Celtic art class
7-9pm “MS, a condition not a definition”, Judi Crichton

Friday 19th January
10am-1pm Focus on sleep and nutrition
2-4pm “Long COVID: a story of recovery”, Jackie Baxter
4-5pm Reflection and feedback
5pm Close

The Place

The retreat will take place at Rivermill House, a grand 5-bedroom property in an idyllic setting on 2 acres of grounds near Loch Ness.

The Package

Price per person for a five day retreat includes all meals and activities plus six nights accomodation

Double room x 3, Rivermill House £1299

Single room x 2, Rivermill House £1199

Shared twin room x 2, Boxy’s Croft £899

Transfers from Inverness £40 each way

The Purchase

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